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Betsy Bowen BWCA shirts

On the bow of our 2018 raffle canoe is a Betsy Bowen woodcut image that evokes the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness  under a sky filled with Northern Lights. It is gorgeous.

The raffle is a fundraiser to support our grants to businesses, groups and individuals to create "small great places" around Cook County. We provide grants up to $1,000 to businesses, groups or individuals who propose creating things (a wall mural, a bench for pedestrians to rest, an outdoor public ping-pong table, etc.) that enhance the attractiveness and neighborhood feel of our community.  

But now we  have had that Betsy Bowen image screened onto t-shirts. What we make on each shirt also will go to support our Great Place Project. At the bottom of this post is a PayPal button. If you click on it, you can pay for a shirt via PayPal or a credit card.


The men's shirt is light gray. The women's shirt is light blue and has cap sleeves. 

Price of the shirts is $20 apiece. Because this is a fundraiser, we also ask that you pay $5 shipping. So the total per shirt is $25. If you make a purchase, that generates an email to us, and we will get your shirts in the mail as soon as possible.

In the space that says "Number of Registrations," indicate the number of shirts and the sizes for each. Ignore the "Names of registrants" box.

For men please specify S, M, L, XL or XXL

For women, please specify S, M, L, XL

To register, please provide the following information:

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