The mission of the Cook County Chamber of Commerce is to be the representative voice of county for-profit and non-profit businesses in working to improve the county economy and to address pressing county socioeconomic issues.
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For dining, lodging and other tourism information, Visit Cook County is your best authority. Go to or call 218-387-2524. The Cook County Chamber's focus is on public policy and economic development. Visit Cook County focuses on tourism.


Please take our Fall 2020 Cook County Business Health Survey

Dear Cook County business leaders: 

We know that 2020 has been an extraordinary, difficult, roller coaster of a year for most Cook County businesses. As we now begin the transition to fall and winter, roughly six months into dealing with the Covid pandemic, the Chamber leadership would very much like to understand how each of you is faring. Are you confident heading into the winter, or are you fearful of your ability to survive until next spring? How does your financial situation compare with previous years?

To help us understand how you are doing -- and thus prepare us to be better advocates on your behalf -- we've prepared a short survey that we'd like you to take -- and to share widely with every Cook County business owner and manager, whether members of the Chamber or not. The survey does not ask for specific financial information. We do intend to share the results with county and state officials so they, too, can better understand the financial situation on the ground here in Cook County. 

Survey Monkey says the survey should take about three minutes to complete. We hope you will take it now, and provide the link to other business people you know. Here is the survey link:


Honor the State Mask Mandate

The Cook County Chamber urges residents of and visitors to Cook County to take seriously the statewide mask requirement Gov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday.

“This is about protecting our workers and our businesses,” said Jim Boyd, Chamber executive director. “By reducing the incidence of virus transmission, masks help improve the odds that our most vulnerable businesses will be able to remain open and survive the horrible disruption of this pandemic. Even one positive test in a business can have disastrous consequences.

“However resentful we may be about this dent in our personal freedom,” Boyd said, “most of us surely can agree that it is worth the sacrifice to ensure workers in our businesses remain on the job so they can feed and clothe their kids, pay the rent and keep gas in the car. That is especially true with the enhanced federal unemployment compensation scheduled to end in a few days, pushing many off a frightening financial cliff. Unless there are jobs coming online from an increasingly open economy, many American families are going to be in bad financial shape. And wearing masks is an important key to keeping our economy out of lockdown and providing the jobs these workers need.“

Another reason the governor’s mandate makes sense, Boyd said, is that it creates uniformity. “When mask requirements vary from town to town and business to business – encouraged but not required in some places, required in others and not mentioned at all in still others, -- then customers frequently are confused, frustrated and angry,” he said. “When the requirement is uniform in practice and in messaging, everything works better for everyone.

“No one signed up for the hardships this pandemic has imposed on us all,” Boyd said. “But by wearing masks we can help ensure that our local hardware store, restaurant and grocery have the best possible chance of surviving to provide us many additional years of service and employment.”



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